Customs and Logistics Agents

Our full range of services include ongoing support from start to finish. While your cargo is going through customs procedures we are here to answer any questions you have, provide the status of your cargo, and offer local and technical advice.

As a complement to our customs agent services, we also have a network of strategic partners to meet the logistics and transportation needs of our customers.

We are specialists in

Customs Procedures Management

Import and export, re-export, transit, transfer, transitory warranty deposit, warranty deposit

Comprehensive cargo logistics

Tracking and collection, document management, packing, stowage, loose and containerized cargo, loading and unloading

Local and International Customs Procedures

Handling of customs procedures and foreign trade, fulfilling the requirements for the arrival or departure of goods in customs territory

Computerized customs system

We have the software to easily control and manage customs procedures

Bilingual Staff

Our team speaks English and Spanish


Temporary or permanent waiver for taxes on the import of goods


Operation that classifies the goods, verifying its nature and value, weight, size, the tariff, and determining the duties and taxes applicable to them

License for processing goods in transit

Legal authorization that allows us to act on behalf of a third party to the customs offices

Commercial Movement

Document management for carrying out commercial import operations and export of goods within free zones

Tax Refunds

Procedure to recover taxes when applicable

Coordination with forwarding agents, shipping lines, airlines, and transportation carriers

Programming with the various freight and logistics transportation services and delivery of merchandise to customers

Advice on customs techniques and foreign trade

We advise our clients in all processes and procedures in order to have an efficient and more streamlined clearance of goods

On the ground personnel

Assigning an operating unit within the premises of the company, to manage, monitor and coordinate the corresponding shipments

Transporting musical equipment

We can help with transporting musical equipment in a safe and fast manner

Advice on how to manage free-trade commercial agreements and customs tariffs

Assistance, advice and support on possible tariff advantages for products in the various trade agreements between Panama and its trading partners

Training in logistics, purchasing and customs traffic

Learn how to keep current on updates with customs regulations and foreign trade

Entertainment & Shows

Among our strengths is extensive experience in cargo handling for a number of large musical performances from famous international stars.

In addition, we have provided our services to major film, television and entertainment productions in Panama such as the movies James Bond Quantum of Solace and Basic, the Survivor series (three of its seasons), the Cirque Du Soleil show, Miss Universe, and many more.


Arturo Araúz has extensive experience working as the official customs broker for prestigious fairs such as Expocomer, Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo, Expo Logística, Expo Bebida, Expomedica, Congreso del Canal de Panamá.